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Friday, November 15th, 2013

GMOs and Vaccines: Shared Paths

Posted by Kelly Brogan MD in Article

I’ve never been very politically minded. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’ve never been arrested and I don’t like to get in trouble. I do like, and always have, to think for myself. I’m a natural skeptic and pragmatist. These days, there are a couple of issues that are getting under my skin, and connecting the dots between them helps to establish a framework for a truth in science “sniff-test”. Be warned, you may find that many arenas in which you have come to believe that you were being protected by your authority figures and government, in fact, you’ve been led down a blind path, and will be left there to fend for yourself when it all goes down. That’s why I advocate for consumer empowerment and thoughtful decision-making about what we put in our bodies.

Humans suffer from hubris – we think we know better than nature, can fix it, manipulate it, and master it. There are (at least) two major transgressions that follow similar patterns, raise important red flags, and most certainly do not pass the sniff test: GMOs (genetically modified “foods”) and vaccination.  Here’s what they have in common:

War with Nature

Nature has a sense to it, cultivated over billions of years of evolution. The complexity of botanical systems, the relationship to pests, soil, and the elements sustains optimal diversity and reproduction. It was only when we began to industrialize the process, hijack growth with an eye toward yield, and allow chemical companies to attempt to regulate variables of perceived adversity that we ended up in the mess that GMO crops are in today. Now we have randomly spliced animal DNA with bacterial vectors inserting into plant genomes, disrupting the natural functioning of the plant, and allowing for supersaturation with the toxic, endocrine-disrupting and gut bug slaughtering herbicide, Roundup.

Pharmaceutical companies and doctors think they can outsmart immune systems that have evolved to coexist with microbes, to be primed and educated by them. We are at war with infectious disease, and as a consequence, our fear and malice toward bacteria and viruses have lead us to compromise and alter our immune systems with pathogens entering our bodies through our muscles, accompanied by toxic additives that cripple our natural immune function and cause chronic inflammation. The notion of improving upon our human capacities, as we understand them is discussed by Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo as “transhumanism.”

We cannot outsmart nature, we are only just beginning to appreciate her infinite sophistication.

Lack of Pre-marketing Safety Study

Monsanto claims that GMOs are simultaneously equivalent to existing foods (relieving them of any real duty to demonstrate safety), and novel enough that they can be patented. Despite the Frankensteinian effects of genetic manipulation on proteins and gene expression, these foods have never been studied in a human population, let alone assessing for long-term effects. What happens as a result of this fast-track-to-market process is that slow-emerging trends of harm at the population level begin to emerge.  Differing patterns of chronic disease in Europe and America at this point may have some relation to limitations of GMO products in Europe.  There is inherent difficulty in associating cause to effect in chronic disease; however, arguing for the importance of long-term premarketing trials.

Vaccines have similarly, never been studied against an unvaccinated control group, allegedly because they are assumed to be so vital to our health that it would be unethical to withhold them even though basic epidemiology demonstrates that hygiene and nutrition have played the most significant role in elimination of infectious disease.  They have never been studied in their current schedule, nor have the additives (adjuvants) which include known body toxins, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, and polysorbate 80.

Signal of Harm

Despite this lack of effort and incentive to support safety data in these two arenas, both have suffered a signal of harm that should have activated the precautionary principal. Monsanto monitored GM and non-GM fed rats for 90 days, and declared that changes in liver and kidney function were not clinically significant. Seralini et al, copied this design, but extended the observation period to years. Take a gander at what happened to these animals. The first tumor sprouted at the 4 month mark. Multiple animal studies have emerged mirroring this study’s provocative findings. Glyphosate, the herbicide that has been sprayed in escalating quantities, is an endocrine-disruptor that has been linked to obesity, liver disease, birth defects, autism, and cancer. This is the most enlightening exploration of its toxic mechanisms. Bt-toxin in GMO corn has been found to puncture intestinal cells and circulate into fetal tissue.

Whether in the realm of neurodevelopment, death, autoimmunity, or even susceptibility to the disease intended to provide protection from, vaccines have been demonstrated to harm and several billion dollars of taxpayer money have been paid out to victims through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Patterns of chronic illness such as atopy and autism have been demonstrated to correlate with vaccine uptake and prospective study of neurodevelopment in monkeys has demonstrated injury.

Suppression of Investigation

Seralini was silenced. His work was roundly attacked, censored from the media, and demands from industry ties for the paper to be retracted from its journal of publication. Several months after Seralini’s paper, Richard Goodman, a former Monsanto employee was fast-tracked to the position of Associate Editor for Biotechnology. With Monsanto now at the helm of influential medical journals, the prospects for publication of independent research are diminishing.

The now infamous Andrew Wakefield, who published a paper on the presence of vaccine-strain measles in the guts of autistic children was stripped of his license and maligned for fraud in a witch-hunt intended to suppress any further investigation into this connection. Fortunately, at least 28 independent studies from around the world have confirmed his findings.

Protection of Corporate Profits

The “Monsanto Protection Act” was designed to provide legal immunity to GM technology so that citizens could never litigate on the grounds of harm secondary to GM food exposure. In this way, corporations would be protected above farmers and citizens.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established in 1986 to assume liability from corporations so that any incentive to police the safety of their product was roundly eliminated and civilians could only engage in a non-jury-mediated “trial” of red-tape and rejection as a means of seeking justice for injury.

Revolving Door Conflicts of Interest

This is where the rubber meets the road on these issues, and, truly the source of all corruption. When those regulating a system in need of checks and balances are the same people who have profited or are profiting from its protection and success, we have a critical breakdown in protection of the interests of consumers and patients. The revolving door of Monsanto and government ranges from Michael Taylor, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and former Monsanto Vice President of Public Policy to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former Monsanto attorney. Enjoy this pictoral.

The list of interchangeable figures between the CDC, pharmaceutical industry and Vaccine Advisory Committee features more conflicts than exceptions. Notably, in January 2010, Julie Gerberding, former director of the CDC, became the President of Merck’s vaccine unit. In January 2011, Elias Zerhouni, former director of the NIH became President of Sanofi-Aventis’ research labs. These relationships are known to be kindled far in advance of the job acceptance. The most outspoken mouthpiece of today’s vaccine schedule is Paul Offit MD, Merck employee and Rotavirus vaccine patent holder.  This paper details the many layers of profit-motivation that cloud regulators’ judgment.  Here’s a little video if you’d rather not read.

It is an impossible expectation that objectivity in research support or information dissemination could be exercised under these circumstances. These conflicts of interest undermine any and all safety claims, and leave those engaging with these technologies to look to research that has not been funded by corporate agendas to help navigate true concerns about risk. These are multibillion-dollar corporate giants with dollars to spare when it comes to influencing legislators and regulators.

These arenas and their implicit overlap as discussed here, are slated to unite in a number of in-development GMO-containing vaccines. We are already part of a vast, uncontrolled experiment, and this may add a layer of complexity that will be the ultimate straw that broke the camel’s back. If you’re anything like me, you want out of this deal you never signed up for. There is a way out. Make informed choices, trust your instincts, vote with your wallet.

This article first appeared on GreenMedInfo as Connecting the Dots: GMOs and Vaccines


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  1. November 15, 2013 at 12:27 pm
    David MacPhail says

    I first read your article in a Green Medicine. I was completely blown away by the intelligent perspective you brought to the complex issues that contribute to our health. Thank you very much Dr. Brogan. You are a shining light of Hope in a sea of oppressive darkness.


  2. November 15, 2013 at 2:48 pm
    Melinda Sleight says

    So very well done! Hope more and more people are willing to open their eyes as this outrageous situation comes to light. Thank you.


  3. November 16, 2013 at 3:44 pm
    November 16, 2013 says

    Thank you for bringing easy to understand language to complicated information. You made the information I have struggled with discerning for some time explainable. Keep on writing about these complex issues that give us details about those trying to win our approval without concrete research that considers humanity and values.


  4. November 23, 2013 at 4:34 pm
    6 Astounding Parallels Between Vaccines and GMOs - Waking Times says

    […] Brogan is an allopathically and holistically-trained doctor and a health writer. She has eloquently outlined in her blog some of the astonishing parallels between vaccines and […]


  5. February 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm
    gene says

    Hey, I get why Round-up is bad (having sprayed it myself in the past, as well as reading studies regarding it. Disgusting stuff). But why the enmity for genetically modified organisms? For example, golden rice has carotin production spliced into it, and can provide vitamin A to huge numbers of poverty stricken individuals, many with eye related problems. Nothing about round-up there, no Monsanto or Cargill. Do you think that is wrong? Keep in mind that botanically, due to the manner in which rice reproduces, it would be nigh impossible for the fields to cross pollinate, as rice is not wind-pollinated as wheat is.

    Now, over 50% of GMOs are primarily for the purpose of inserting Roundup Response, but there are sound reasons for this. Our population is exploding, worldwide. Today’s agronomists don’t know how we’re going to feed the world, as more of the prime agricultural areas become ever more urbanized. We don’t have much more arable land, desertification is destroying marginal land at an increasing rate, and ideally we can return land to conservation efforts (I consider myself an environmentalist, so I’d love to see that happen). All of this while making food affordable! Remember, it is easy to talk about how important it is to buy organic when you can afford organic, but for many people that simply is not in the realm of possibility, so they have to do what they can. And that right there, that battle to reduce the price of food so the poorest can afford it, pushed agronomists to leap over good caution. Armed with the task of feeding an exponentially expanding populace, they did what they had to; the relative dearth of mass starvations in the past 60 years are a mark of their success.

    All of that said, **** Monsanto. Those companies disgust me. There are boatloads of evidence against the pesticides and herbicides they use, and the idea of ‘owning’ a genetic profile is disturbing at best. I am a transhumanist, and I believe that in the future when gene therapy comes into vogue it will be critical to have a precedent of non-ownership of genetic code to prevent a return of direct (rather than manipulative) slavery.

    Also, your arguments against vaccine adjuvants are sound, however the rest falls flat. Hygiene has had huge effects, but to claim it has all of the responsibility is a bit much, considering, say polio.

    In addition, the faith in Nature’s wonder is somewhat suspect. Is it not hubris to think that we are anything more than another function of nature? We are just animals doing our thing, admittedly with stronger heuristics (formalized logic) than most other creatures.

    But finally, thanks for your blog. I disagree with some of what you believe, strongly for some of it, but rock on for thinking for yourself. Too bad you’re a psychiatrist (*retch*).


  6. February 22, 2014 at 4:52 pm
    Kelly Brogan MD says

    Thank you for your reply and for opening your mind to some potentially dissonant perspectives. There are some important counterpoints to your concerns, but suffice it to say that Monsanto does not have the best interests of the hungry in mind. Here is a discussion of some of the fallacious claims surrounding Golden Rice: and and by Vandana Shiva, herself,

    As for the natural history of Polio and the gross misattribution of its “disappearance” to the vaccine, this is a must read:

    Be well,


  7. April 17, 2014 at 6:51 pm
    na Reeves says

    Hi Dr. Brogan
    Thank you for all the great things you do. Have you seen the pilot study that found glyphosate in Breast Milk?

    A larger study is being planned and we will be looking for participants. The cost of testing milk, urine and a blood test will be covered by the study. If you’d like to be involved, please email me at
    Diana Reeves
    GMO Free USA


  8. April 17, 2014 at 9:17 pm
    Kelly Brogan MD says

    Hello! Yes, I blogged about it the day the news came out. This is valuable info and I will definitely circulate it!


  9. April 19, 2014 at 1:53 pm
    lienke katz says

    Dear Kelly Brogan,
    I just signed up for your website and I am delighted to see someone voicing so well what I have researched and tried to communicate to my children (and grandchildren). The continued assault on personal choice in the vaccine debate scares me.
    Americans proclaim loudly that they have a “free” country, but I am from the Netherlands and I see those freedoms here being curtailed rapidly by corporate power, supported by government and media.
    It is astounding to see vaccines mandated as part and parcel of public education, and actually tied to funding for those schools that have higher rates of vaccination. It blows my mind that education is not seen as a future potential for this country but as a way to make money without any thought of the effects of this policy on the wellbeing of the children, families, and the future wellbeing of this country.
    I have been researching the relationship between “antibody titer” and “immunity”. Dr. Suzanne Humphries in her book “Dissolving Illusions” has some information on that. There are some articles on the net as well, but “research” on this “vaccine principle” is severely lacking.
    Shiv Chopra says it very well on the website of the Institute of Science in Society. (I am giving a short and hopefully correct version) Any vaccine injected into the blood stream is by nature an “antigen” and by bypassing the mucosal pathway, confuses and damages the immune system.
    Dear doctor Brogan thank you for your wonderful website and be well.


  10. April 19, 2014 at 5:51 pm
    Kelly Brogan MD says

    Thank you for this insightful and compassionate comment!


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