Thinking About an Epidural?

I recently explored the lesser known risks of epidural analgesia on The Healthy Home Economist.

In this way, a natural birth is an opportunity for redefinition and reconnection to one’s most core self. It is the way women were intended to pass through the gates of motherhood, to the next chapter of their actualization.

If you buy the potential significance of these considerations, you may want to know what represents your greatest obstacle and impediment in achieving this life milestone. You may be surprised to learn that it is epidural analgesia. This discussion is meant to shine a light on elective epidurals – that, “Why not? Who wants to feel crazy intense pain?” choice that 2/3rds of women (and up to 90% in some hospitals) opt for every day. In my opinion, the epidural intervention is the most reprehensible of all – because of its largely dismissed risk profile, and because of its auspicious position in a cascade of interventions, unnecessary, ill-conceived, and rife with unintended consequences including death.

Read the full article here to discover the relevance of this medical intervention to mother and baby, and learn about alternative labor support options.

Kelly Brogan MD

Kelly Brogan, M.D. is a holistic women’s health psychiatrist on faculty at George Washington University and in private practice in Manhattan. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from MIT in Brain and Cognitive Science/Systems Neuroscience. View full bio


  1. Scott Bryson said on

    When my son was born, the mom had been in labor overnight, and the MD anesthologist missed the opening in the spine about 10-12 times. I literally passed out it was so gross. The epidural probably increased the labor time 4-5 hours more and it almost seemed she was too out of it to push. Luckily it turned out OK but they seem to rush to cut the cord, I would have liked the baby to have some more time to oxegenate.

    That was all enough that I would not let my son out of my sight as they go through a weighing room where they get a Vit K shot & Mercury ointment in the eyes, both of which I skipped.

    For better or worse he’s growing up in Switzerland where a large portion of the population skip immunizations, his immune system is strong & colds pass quickly, while the immunized mom catches them & gets laid out for days.

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