Healing Depression from the Inside Out

With Chris Kresser and Dr. Kelly Brogan

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The fearless guide to healing anxiety, depression, and stress – without drugs.


Are fear, isolation, low motivation, or stress keeping you down?

It’s time to bring your joyful self back to the surface! Explore life with enthusiasm, with energy, and without medication.

If feeling vibrant and alive feels like a distant memory, and if you’ve worried that you’ll never get back to restful nights and happy days, let me tell you about a pill-free solution that worked for me — and that’s transformed the patients in my NYC medical practice!

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Do you feel trapped, overwhelmed, or blocked from living your happier, healthier life?

Does your day start with struggle, and end with exhaustion? Do you wish you could enjoy more balanced, predictable moods? Is anxiety, depression, or stress keeping you from feeling alive and fulfilled? Do you rely on stimulants like coffee, alcohol, or medication to get through the day? Are you afraid that life is never going to be great again?

Drained of Energy

The very idea of activity tires you. You find yourself entertaining less, smiling less, making love less…

Frequent Anxiety

You wake with your heart pounding, worried about things that never bothered you before…

Unpredictable Moods

The people you love deserve better, but you can’t seem to find a way to balance your mood swings…

Becoming Isolated

Worries, exhaustion and mood swings keep you from engaging with friends and family…

Declining Health

Your sense of overwhelm is manifesting as aches, pains, weight gain, even hair loss…

Drug Side Effects

The very medications that are supposed to cure are only wearing you down further…

You’re not alone. Others are crippled by anxiety and stress. But we’re all taught to walk through life concealing our pain and masking it with pills…

Did you know that 1 in 5 American adults suffer from a mental illness in a given year?

Look around you. Think about your neighborhood. Five, six, seven people close to you could suffer from a mental illness…

And that number doesn’t even account for all the undiagnosed mild, chronic depression, stress, and anxiety in America…

In a 2014 survey of 2,500 adults, 49% reported having a major stressful event during the year.

Half of your friends are struggling with intense stress. Many are on medications to try to reclaim happiness. Others are turning to alcohol and stimulants. It’s an epidemic…

Worst of all? It’s only getting worse.

  • We’ve been sold a promise about drugs — one that is hollow
  • We’ve been told our bodies are not to be trusted, are broken and need to be managed
  • We get farther and farther away from any sense of what it means to feel good
  • We become desperate for a quick fix



The pills that are supposed to “fix” you are keeping you sick. Somewhere inside of you, you know that. But pharmaceutical companies are spending huge dollars to make you doubt your instincts…

Maybe you’ve been told that depression, anxiety and stress are an imbalance in your brain. Something in you is broken, they say, and you can only “fix” yourself with pills. That idea is a terrible myth. What is broken — and outdated — is our healthcare system.

These myths handed down by trusted authorities are keeping you sick and confused.

The truth is we’ve been duped.

Drugs may suppress the symptoms, but they don’t address the actual cause of your stress, anxiety or feelings of overwhelm. They don’t solve. They simply reinforce the myth that your symptoms aren’t meaningful. They say there is no need for you to listen to your body and figure out what it is trying to tell you. “Just hurry and get back to normal.” Whatever that means.

But what if I told you that you can stabilize your energy and moods without drugs?

You can… and others already have. But first, please hear this:

You already have the power to restore your clarity, balance, and hope.

Discover evidence-based alternatives for becoming happier and healthier without drugs.

The truth is you already have the power to make drastic improvements to your health without drugs. For nearly every person reading this right now, a few small, but critical changes to your diet and lifestyle can change your life.

Boost Energy

Imagine waking up and enjoying a morning cup of coffee because you like it — not because you need it.

Relax Fears

Unwind the coil that’s been tightening in your mind and tensing your muscles. Choose peace.

Balance Moods

Share your whole, life-loving self with others again. Leave the emotional rollercoaster behind.

Rebuild Relationships

As you reconnect with yourself, choose to reconnect with friends and forge deep connections.

Restore Health

Regenerate your body’s immune system. Feel that light inside again. Take back your body!

Live Naturally

Nourish your body and mind with chemical-free remedies.

But is healing in this way too good to be true?

You’re right to be skeptical. You should be. It’s that skepticism that will keep you from filling another prescription. So stay skeptical as you let me show you how I came upon this med-free solution…

After nearly 20 years in conventional medicine, I came to a startling conclusion that changed everything.

It all started on a beautiful day in New York when I got some bad news…

Kelly Brogan, MD

I’d been experiencing brain fog for months. I was repeatedly losing my keys. My thick brown hair was thinning and falling out. And my skin was so dry, it seemed like I was going through a jar of cocoa butter every single week. Something had been very wrong for months. But I didn’t know what.

As a practicing physician, this was particularly difficult for me. I’d studied neuroscience at MIT, earned my MD at Cornell and been board certified in psychiatry. If any physician could heal thyself, it was me…

At last I got the diagnosis: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

My immune system was attacking my thyroid for no apparent reason… there was no cure… and I’d be on medication for the rest of my life… For a brief moment, I was relieved that pills existed to help me manage this… …but then it hit me:

I didn’t want to spend the next forty, maybe fifty years of my life popping pills, chained to drugs and stuffing my body with meds that might only have met FDA standards thanks to the Big Guys at Pharma shaking hands with some politician somewhere. So I searched for an alternative.

I did what you would expect a doctor to do. I scoured the medical literature. I jumped deep into evidence-based research… And I opened my eyes to the truth… A truth that changed my life. And my professional practice. This is what I undeniably, unmistakably, and rather inconveniently discovered:

Drug-based medicine has got it 100% wrong.

It promises what we want to hear, it under-delivers in epic proportions, and it causes a world of harm… with no consequences for the drug makers. The inconvenience of this discovery was, of course, that my entire professional life was about to change, in addition to my personal life. As I ruled out drug-based medicine, I started to explore an alternative that had been cast aside in med school as lesser simply because you didn’t need an MD to access it…

I found self-repair. Natural self-repair.

Four and a half years and one pregnancy later, I’m symptom free. And prescription free.

I’ll tell you what I mean by “self repair” shortly, but let me first say this: I was skeptical. Some of my clients were, too. I phased prescription drugs out of my practice slowly at first… and then faster when I saw the results.

Ever since I stopped prescribing drug to my patients, I have witnessed greater success, more reliable healing and more stunning recoveries than I had with medication…

I’ve seen women come to me drained of energy. Overwhelmed by anxiety. Sunken by depression. And I’ve seen those same women walk away feeling fully alive again. Healthy. Self-assured and in control. All without drugs.

After 10,000 hours of research and clinical experience at my NYC practice, I have convinced my skeptical self and my skeptical clients. I’ve seen what every scientist needs to see: I’ve seen evidence.

You can heal yourself.

Let me show you how.

Other women are now living healthier, happier lives. Without prescription drugs…

An outdated and broken medical system kept these women sick, confused and dependent. But with the right knowledge and tools — combined with a few moderate and manageable changes in diet and lifestyle — they’ve become the happier, healthier people they were born to be. Naturally.


Your body is trying to tell you something

Illness is a message from your body. Are you covering up the symptoms? Isn’t now the time to start getting down to the root cause of how you’re feeling?

As a doctor, I’ve seen firsthand that the human body interacts with its environment with deep intelligence.

Your body created your panic attacks. Your anxiety. Your lethargy and moments of extreme unhappiness. All of your symptoms are showing themselves on purpose.

Scientists call this an adaptive response. It means that it is a meaningful reaction to your environment. Why are you foggy? Why is your mood off?

To get your attention.

Your symptoms are biologically designed “notice me!” signs. They want you to change. But change what?

What is at the root of depression? What is at the root of your symptoms?

Your body’s systems are all interconnected.

So to find solutions to your mental health symptoms, you can’t just look at your brain. We have to look at your whole body.

Just as your body’s systems are interconnected…

…so is your body connected to your environment.

The air, water, and food you eat have the power to nourish you… or cause you harm. Toxins and chemicals fill the spaces we move through daily — and those pollutants are throwing your body out of sync and causing systemic inflammation. Just as polluted water harms the fish that swim through it, so do our environmental issues harm us. We are not immune.

So while you sit with that, consider this:

You and I are living in a world that our bodies can’t keep up with on their own. And it’s hurting us.

Our environment has evolved faster than our ability to adapt. We have food production, chemicals, plastics, vaccines, drugs, pollution — all kinds of changes to our environment. They’ve happened so swiftly, our bodies haven’t had the chance to adapt.

The best our bodies can do is send us messages notifying us of harm. Those messages are symptoms. They tell us that we’re:

  • Not getting enough of the right nutrients
  • Losing control of blood sugar regulation
  • Unable to detoxify fast enough to keep up with toxic exposure
  • Experiencing too much chronic low-level stress to ever fully recover
  • Getting too little or low quality sleep
  • Experiencing damage to the digestive system
  • Overwhelmed by changes to our gut flora, throwing off healthy digestive balance

…But what if you could listen to those warning signs and make changes to address them?

What if you said, “Yes, I’m living in this environment of chaos, toxins and destruction… and my body isn’t built for it… and drugs are only going to add more pollutants to my system… so I can’t keep doing this”?

What if you were to listen to your body’s messages… take action… reclaim your agency and activate your own innate healing ability, just as I have and my patients have?


“Natural forces within are the healers of disease.”

– Hippocrates
Allow me to introduce you to the transformational 44 day program:

Welcome to the Vital Mind Reset Program

Get all the tools and support you need to FINALLY shift your brain out of Survive Mode and move it into Thrive Mode. For good.

After such amazing results with my patients, I realized that I had no choice but to share what I’ve learned with you. If I’m on this earth for a single purpose, it must be for this: to help you.

With that in mind, I’ve worked with experts in training to transform what I know into a step-by-step system that will help you take control of your health. Without relocating to NYC to attend my clinic.

I’d like to introduce you to Vital Mind Reset, a 44-day period of transformation that is designed to restore you.

We want you to put Vital Mind Reset to the test. After 44 days, you will be on track to see:

  • Your moods balancing
  • Your energy returning
  • Your baked-in resistance softening
  • A path to drug-free health and happiness

Use the Vital Mind Reset system to train your senses to “tell you” what you need to know to help yourself. (Yes, that’s not only possible, but expected.) Use it to address underlying root causes of your body’s pain messages… And to heal.

I’ve Refined This Program in My Practice. Here’s How the 2-Part System Will Work & What You Will Get.

You’re invited to join the Vital Mind Reset program for 44 days of healing and empowerment. Training takes place online, so you can review lessons any time of day. And the program includes personal support.

Part 1

22 Days of Transformation

During the first half of this online course, you’ll get videos, lessons, reading, and exercises that will:

  • Expose the myths that are keeping you confused and sick
  • Prepare for healing by removing the obstacles that stand in your way
  • Introduce you to the Vital Mind diet with meal plans and recipes
  • Find and remove toxins sabotaging your physical health and mental vitality

Part 2

22 Days of Restoration

Your foundation is now in place. In the second half of the program, we’ll go deeper:

  • Learn new skills, like journaling and medical meditation, that make you more balanced and stronger
  • Deepen your education about the core health causing anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Learn how to hear your body’s messages and harness your power to heal
  • Connect with others who understand and support your transformation

Let me show you how incremental, bite-sized changes to your lifestyle can give you back your life, your energy, and your hope… just as they’ve done for me and my patients.

Your body is begging you for change. This is your chance to reclaim your health and happiness — take back your energy, your enthusiasm, even your sex life — by saying “yes” to you. The alternative is continuing on as you’ve been…
Why spend 2016 as unsettled as you spent 2015? Listen to your body — and reward yourself, your family, and your friends with your renewed health…

Doctors & Scientists Trust & Recommend Dr. Kelly Brogan

“Your results have been fantastic, and I love the idea, but I’m still not sure if this is right for me. Help me, Kelly?!”

I know you’ve likely spent money on a cabinet-full of drugs and supplements, on sessions with therapists, on meditation, retreats, and any number of other options. All to manage your symptoms.

But here’s the difference with Vital Mind Reset:

It’s designed to resolve your symptoms, not manage them.

Unlike in “pill popper” culture, this system requires that you engage in your own health and wellness. You put down the pill bottle… and dive into a better life with a better diet and appropriate exercise.

When you ‘reclaim’ control of your health, well, then you are responsible. You are the one who does the work to make it happen… and make it stick.

Ask yourself: “What is it worth to me to have more energy? What would I be willing to change in my diet to have more stable, positive moods? How much would I invest to rediscover my joy and motivation? Am I ready for the next chapter of my life?”

You’ll need to be involved physically and engaged mentally. But that’s where the work ends. The truth is, I’ve made this process as easy as I possibly could.

I’ve also relieved a lot of the financial burden that you might expect when you take a course with a physician like me.

So you won’t pay thousands of dollars. My clients have paid easily that much for sessions with me. And they all got 1) the same information and 2) the personal attention that you’ll get in this course. But they had to come into my office to get it. You won’t.

That means this is not the time to sit on the fence or wait it out. Your body cannot wait another few months. And there will never be a better time to sign up for this course…

See you in our group sessions,


Kelly Brogan, MD


Join the Vital Mind Reset Program Today

It’s time to begin a new journey of discovery, healing, and vitality.

Be part of this life-changing online course, and learn what you can do to heal anxiety, depression, and stress ­– without drugs.


As a Vital Mind Reset member, you’ll get not only the full program with daily lessons, meal plans, shopping lists, cheat sheets, and more. You’ll also get access to:

  • Two recorded Q&A webinars with Dr. Kelly Brogan
  • Unlimited access to a private Facebook group moderated by Dr. Brogan and her staff – get help from our team and the entire community

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Bonus Module: Medication Tapering Sessions ($47 FREE)

When you join Vital Mind Reset, you’ll also get – 100% free – the “Medication Tapering Sessions” bonus module.

In this Module, Kelly interviews experts and advocates in tapering of psych meds. This module is designed to give you important factual and anecdotal information about what to consider prior to doing any kind of medication taper.

The guest speakers cover this from personal experience, medical evidence, and other angles to ensure that if you do decide to do a taper, you are as informed as possible in advance.


Our Money-Back Guarantee

It is my sincere desire that you’ll decide now is the time for you to take back control over your health. But I’m realistic. I know that not everyone is ready to commit to making the real dietary and lifestyle changes required for radical healing.

So, if you don’t think you are ready to change, then this program isn’t for you…

If you are ready to make a serious commitment to change, however, then let me personally assure you of this: the strategies in this program will work for nearly everyone. There may be a window of adjustment and some challenges to move through, but that’s where the community support we offer comes in.

So if you’re looking forward to the possibility of what’s contained within this program, then I urge you to take the leap and commit. Really give it a shot. And if the potential just isn’t there for you, reach out to us. We’ll review your homework. We’ll go over your meal plans. And if there’s truly no way we can help you — even though your heart’s in it — you’ll be eligible to apply for a full refund within the window of 15-30 days from the date of purchase.

An enormous amount of care went into developing this program, so we want to make sure we focus our effort on serving those who are committed to do their best. And we want to make sure that you actively participate and give yourself the greatest opportunity to succeed by demonstrating your best effort.

If you don’t plan on starting right away, please make sure this is the right investment for you as the refund period does have a firm deadline.

You can view our detailed refund policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this program work for me if I’m taking prescription drugs?

Before I make any changes to a patient’s medication dose, they engage a program almost identical to this one. It is my strong recommendation that the body and mind be optimized prior to careful medication tapers.

2. Does the Vital Mind Reset course help me taper off my medication?

The Vital Mind Reset is focused on helping you create a stronger foundation through non-pharmaceutical diet and lifestyle changes that support natural mental health. This course does not include instructions or guidance for tapering off your medications because that should generally be done carefully and in partnership with your health care practitioner. However, we have added on some bonus material that gives information about tapering. This Bonus Tapering Session is meant only to educate you about tapering, not guide you through it.

3. Will I have to go off all sugar? For how long?

No. Not entirely. The meal plans include all kinds of flavors – including sweet. However, during Phase 1 of the diet you will need to, at least temporarily, eliminate all ‘added’ sugar, and all chemical sweeteners. Many people report that after eliminating added sugar, they begin to really taste other flavors more and other less sweet foods, like fruit, begin to taste much sweeter and satisfy their sweet tooth better than before. In Phase 2, you will be able to add back some limited amounts of healthy desserts and sweets. But, many people discover they no longer crave them.

4. Who should not do this program?

Whether you merely suffer from day-to-day stress that you want to minimize and manage, or you have a diagnosed disorder, you can realize tremendous benefits from this program. Different people will have different kinds of results depending on the complexity of your health conditions. The program is safe for everyone. It does not require you to go off your prescription medication.

5. What if I have a physical illness in addition to my mental health concerns?

You should consult your personal physician or mental health professional before you initiate any program. This program is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. You may have special dietary considerations to consider. Everyone is different.

6. Should I get permission from my doctor?

I encourage all those interested in exploring lifestyle medicine to work with a practitioner versed in the art and science of nutritional healing. Referral engines are linked on the resources page. Unfortunately, nutrition is not a part of conventional medical training so that consultation with an allopathic MD may leave you feeling confused at best and misinformed at worst.

7. Will this course give me meal plans to follow?

Yes! Along with this program, you’ll get not only the meal plans you need, but also all the recipes you need to follow the program for at least 30 days.

8. Does the course include exercise?

No. There’s no specific physical activity required in order to complete this course. Low to moderate levels of exercise will not interfere with this program. If you are a performance athlete, you may consider doing this program during your less intensive training periods.

9. What if I fall behind the schedule?

No problem! You’ll have access to this course for at least 18 months. That includes the private Facebook group, which will be there to support you no matter if you get a little of schedule. Don’t let that stand in your way.

10. How long will I have access to the course materials?

You’ll have access to this course or the future upgraded version of it for at least 18 months. The reality is there is no plan to cut off your access. However, we don’t know what new format or new technology there may be in the future and we reserve the right to change, alter, or retire the course after 18 months if it becomes necessary. If we don’t change or retire it – you’ll still be allowed to keep your access for as long as it exists.

11. What kind of help and support is there?

There are recorded Q&A webinars throughout the 44 days of the course. There’s also a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with others who are taking the course – if you choose.

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