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Holistic Women's Health Psychiatry
caring for the whole woman naturally
Holistic Women's Health Psychiatry
caring for the whole woman naturally
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Holistic women’s health psychiatry focused on the identification of root causes of symptoms and natural treatments for whole body wellness. Perinatal nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental medicine considerations for mom and baby.

Topics Mindful Birthing & Mothering Paleo Mama Reforming Psychiatry Integrity in Food Enviromental Medicine

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Gluten and Mental Health Interview – Podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Jennifer Fugo’s Gluten Free School podcast where we discussed the relationship between gluten and mental health, with a focus on women. Check it out!  

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Postpartum Depression: My Interview with Science & Sensibilty

Lamaze is an incredible organization dedicated to supporting women’s birth and postpartum experience. Their clinical and scientific influence has reflected the conventional concerns around the role of medication in the treatment of antepartum and postpartum depression. I had the honor of bringing my perspective on inflammatory models of mental illness to Science & Sensibility. Read...
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Vitamin D for pregnancy depression

Vitamin D’s role in mental health may represent its pivotal position as a neuroimmune hormonal messenger. Some clinicians, including myself, question the cause of epidemic levels of vitamin D deficiency and suggest that toxic exposures such as pesticides and chronic infection as well as suppressed cholesterol may all be contributing to the association of low vitamin D...
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