“Is It Her Hormones?” A Case of Psychiatry Missing the Mark

Every Saturday, I sit down to review somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-100 scientific abstracts and pull papers that pique my interest. This 11-year-old ritual has kept my finger on the pulse of the academic pursuit of truth – of science as we choose to define it at a given time. I have watched, even in […]


The Continuum Concept: Realigning with Intuition

Sleep: Every Modern Parent’s Fantasy I remember the feeling, the sheer desperation coursing through me as I woke up, as mothers do, anticipating her cry from the co-sleeper next to our bed. I looked at the clock – 3:30am. I had 6 patients booked that day and the demands of my professional life were growing […]


Postpartum Depression Screening: Prevention or Problem?

Medicine, in it’s truest form is a beautiful testament to the human condition. We are in this together. When one struggles, others support. We are fundamentally, compassionate, loving beings, deeply invested in the welfare of our fellow planet-dwellers. Today’s medicine is undergoing a process of metamorphosis, however. We are moving from a warring posture of […]

Truth Outs- Gardasil Coverup Documents Exposed (2)

Truth Out: Gardasil Coverup Documents Exposed

Grassroots Awareness At lunch with publishing wheeler-dealers discussing the state of affairs in women’s mental health, a soft-spoken pregnant woman seated to my left turned to me and said: “I know this is off-topic, but what do you think of the Gardasil vaccine? I know a 25 year old who got it and hasn’t been […]


Antibiotics During Pregnancy: Let’s Revisit

Antibiotics and the management of pregnancy and birth “They told me I’ll need IV antibiotics because I had GBS my last pregnancy.” I could feel Catherine’s confusion as it swirled with her near desperate desire to be cared for by a trusted authority – her obstetrician. Many women, even most, have been stripped of their compass. […]


The Yoga of Eating: Lose the Dogma, Find Yourself

My sordid past My patients look at me with a mixture of incredulity and disbelief when I try to explain that I’ve been there. I was raised on modern Italian food – pasta, lasagna, pasta, chicken parmigiana, panini, pasta – and, as a sympathetic dominant, have always been naturally thin. Sounds great, right? It means […]

Sacred Activism Moving Beyond the Ego

Sacred Activism: Moving Beyond the Ego

A big mouth and a sharp tongue I was seemingly born with a fire in my belly and a sharp tongue. My mind stays sharp under pressure – maybe it even gets a touch sharper – and I’m notorious for saying what I mean.  Just ask my family. These qualities made me a pretty righteous […]


Guest Post: Leaving My Family History of Depression Behind

The following guest post was written by my friend and kundalini teacher, Sukhdev Jackson. Her story of perseverance and transformation has been a source of inspiration for me personally, and hopefully will be for you as well. A tale of tragedy When I was two years old I was taken away from my mother. Early […]

Our physiology is perfectly designed for bliss and this perfection is dynamic, so taking responsibility for your own health is important.

The Awe-Inspiring Mind-Body Connection

Tears slipped down my cheeks, each imprinted with wonder. I felt neither sad nor happy. I was in the exhilaration of merging into something grand… sitting squarely in the great mystery of it all. Surrounded by 50 other Kundalini teacher trainees, we had been holding our arms straight out, one palm up and the other down, for […]


Immunity: The Emerging Truth

In Humble Awe of Human Complexity Eastern wisdom tells us that when we think we know, we don’t. But when we admit ignorance, we achieve enlightenment. The most profound part of my departure from conventional medicine has been the depths of my surrender to all that we do not, cannot, and must not understand about the […]